Gordon Bennett on ‘Gray Days And Gold’

Absolutely delighted to have not one but TWO of my pastoral, bird-themed instrumentals released under the Gordon Bennett alias featured on Cincinnati-based music show ‘Gray Days And Gold’ – namely ‘Mandarin, The Dazzle Duck’ (from the brand new ‘The Opposite Of Nostalgia EP’ foisted upon the world but two days ago) and ‘Sunset Avocet’ from 2020’s ‘Bring Your Own Binoculars EP’. A big thank you to Mark Griffin for his support – it’s wonderful to be in such illustrious company alongside the likes of Cleaners From Venus, Makaya McCraven, Joseph Shabason and Bernard Butler to name just four. Lovecraft and News from Neptune get a mention – my tracks are at 18m53s and 53m54s but I would highly recommend giving the full show a listen (I definitely need to hear more of Travesía and Bala Desejo for instance).

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