NfN 2017 Playlist

I’ve had a bit of a pet project on the go this year. Having listened to very little new music in 2016, I decided that I would listen to at least one new 2017 album each week. It’s been a fun, slightly bewildering experiment! Might as well keep it up next year too. With the assistance of resources like The Quietus, the Boomkat Weekly Digest, Bandcamp and most crucially of all, my beloved Rate Your Music, I’ve kept it wilfully obscure for the most part, just to be awkward!

I’ve made a playlist featuring tracks from just a handful of my favourite albums released this year. Dive in, the water’s lovely…!

Here’s the playlist as a single YouTube link…


… and here are the individual tracks…

1. Cakewalk – Shrooms (from the album ‘Ishihara’)


2. Orchestra Baobab – Fayinkounko (from the album ‘Tribute To Ndiouga Dieng’)


3. Daniel O’Sullivan – The Swimmer (from the album ‘Veld’)


4. Oddfellow’s Casino – Sealand (from the album ‘Oh, Sealand’)


5. Le Ton Mité – Mystery Trail (from the album ‘Passé Composé Futur Conditionnel’)


6. La Lá – Bebés (from the album ‘Zamba Puta’)


7. Moon Diagrams – Moon Diagrams (from the album ‘Lifetime of Love’)


8. Nadah El Shazly – Palmyra (from the album ‘Ahwar’)


9. Les Marquises – Following Strangers (from the album ‘A Night Full Of Collapses’)


10. Annabel (lee) – Autumn Requiem (from the album ‘The Cleansing’)


11. Cheer-Accident – Hymn (from the album ‘Putting Off Death’)


12. James Holden and the Animal Spirits – Go Gladly Into The Earth (from the album ‘The Animal Spirits’)

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